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Drive better supplier management with a self-service portal.

Improve your supply chain management with a website that streamlines and safeguards every interaction. Our expertise in portal development will simply your supplier onboarding, document handling and invoice processes.

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Why Supplier Portals?

With a supplier web portal, say goodbye to miscommunications and tangled manual workflows.

We design modern portals as centralised platforms that can help you save time by automating manual processes, enhancing supplier collaboration, and ensuring efficient compliance and risk management.

Why Supplier Portals?

With a supplier web portal, say goodbye to miscommunications and tangled manual workflows.

We design self-service portals that help businesses save time by automating processes, enhancing supplier collaboration, and ensuring compliance and risk management.

Supplier Web Portal Specialists

Using cutting-edge Microsoft technology, we can design a portal to modernise your procurement ecosystem.

  • Custom Integration: Connecting with your Dynamics 365 CRM and finance/ERP systems for unified workflows.
  • Secure access: Robust security protocols ensure the right people can access information.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive interfaces, encourage supplier adoption and engagement.
  • Continuous Support: Ongoing consultancy to maintain the development of your portal.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, your portal grows alongside it, accommodating an expanding supplier base.
  • Agile methodology: Ensures rapid deployment and iterative feedback-based improvement.
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Client Success Story

“The Portal Company had enabled us to go to market with an innovative new digital support, advice and treatment service for employers and insurers, covering all aspects of health.”

Chris Howell, Technical Director at healthcare rm


Supplier Portal Examples

Examples of how our portal solutions modernise supply chain processes include:

  • Streamline procurement processes with a centralised platform for bidding, requests for information (RFI) and requests for quotation (RFQ).
  • Online invoice submission with automated processing and payment tracking.
  • Efficient contract management, including storage, electronic signatures, and renewal tracking.
  • Structured onboarding workflows for new suppliers.
  • Enhanced collaboration through document sharing and knowledge exchange.
  • Analytics and reporting for data-driven supplier relationship management.

Benefits of Our Supplier Portals


Reduces manual entry, saving time and minimising errors.


Streamline billing processes, leading to faster payment cycles.


Provide suppliers instant visibility into order and payment status.


Increases transparency and improves communication, nurturing vendor trust.

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Microsoft Technology We Specialise In

Our team use the breadth of the Microsoft Cloud platform to create secure, data-powered portals that modernise processes and delight customers. Our web portal developments include:

Power Pages

Customising adaptable low code templates to accelerate portal deployment while ensuring functionality and design finesse.


Offering vast customisation options for sophisticated portal, ensuring scalability, security, and comprehensive integration.

Power Automate

Optimising workflows across systems by automating responses to portal interactions that increase scale and efficiency.

Dynamics 365

Seamlessly integrating business processes between your portal and Dynamics CRM, including cases, leads, contracts, and more.

Power Apps

Connecting processes managed in other business apps with your portal, such as subscriptions, events, and registrations.

Power BI

Enhancing self-service portals with dynamic, interactive data visualisations that offer insightful analytics.

Web Portal Integrations

Stand out with a self-service portal that seamlessly works with your CRM, finance, and other platforms to streamline operations and enhance experiences. We use Microsoft’s cloud technology to integrate portals with third-party services to connect data and automate processes. These examples include:


Supplier Portal FAQs

What are supplier web portals?

Supplier portals are online platforms that enable vendors to manage transactions, access real-time data, and communicate effectively with buyers. By offering self-service capabilities for various tasks, they simplify processes and reduce manual tasks.

Can small businesses benefit from supplier web portals?

Absolutely! Small businesses can significantly benefit from a supplier web portal. We design solutions to help organisations of all sizes manage their supplier relationships more efficiently, reduce administrative costs, and improve accuracy, making operations more competitive and scalable.

What features should I look for in a supplier portal?

Look for features such as user-friendly interfaces, integration with CRM and ERP apps such as Business Central, invoice submission handling, centralised document management, and robust data security measures. These functionalities are crucial to enhancing supplier relationships and efficiency.

How do supplier portals enhance supplier-buyer relationships?

Supplier portals increase transparency and trust by providing a clear view of transactions, real-time communication, and collaborative tools. This helps avoid potential disputes and enhances negotiation processes to help build stronger vendor-buyer relationships.

How do supplier web portals integrate with our existing systems?

Using Microsoft technology, our portals provide inbuilt integration with Dynamics 365 and other Power Platform products. This ensures seamless processing between your portal, CRM, and other business applications for automated workflows and personalised vendor experiences. Our team is proficient in integrating portals with wider data sources, and service providers including Business Central and other ERP platforms, Loqate, and DocuSign.

Are supplier web portals secure? How is data protected?

The Portal Company implements Microsoft-powered portals that ensure the highest security and data protection levels. These portals use Azure’s secure services, delivering robust, enterprise-grade security measures, including data encryption, network security protocols, and multi-factor authentication. Azure’s compliance with global privacy regulations guarantees that your data is secure and managed according to stringent legal standards.

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