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Community Web Portal Development

Empower your community with a self-service portal that modernises your processes and boosts engagement.

We specialise in creating websites that make it easy for organisations to handle service requests, applications, registrations, and more.

Together, we’ll launch a portal that improves how your community interacts and participates.

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Why Community Portals?

We implement portals as a central hub, bringing together community members for interaction and mutual support.

These websites liberate users from waiting for responses to basic needs by enabling self-service for routine actions and queries. They encourage an engaged, autonomous community, ease administrative loads, and heighten overall satisfaction.

Why Community Portals?

We implement portals as a central hub, bringing together community members for interaction and mutual support.

These websites liberate users from waiting for responses by enabling self-service for routine actions and queries. They encourage an engaged, autonomous community, ease administrative loads, and heighten satisfaction.

Community Portal Specialists

We implement portals that increase operational efficiency and boost engagement. Here’s how we stand out:

  • Expertise in translating workflows into user-friendly self-service functions.
  • Using automation to make processes run smoother and keep users happy.
  • Secure web access, making sure the right people can access information.
  • Designing intuitive web interfaces for easy navigation and task completion.
  • Ensuring portal scalability to evolve with your community and needs.
  • Comprehensive support to ensure smooth adoption and integration.
  • Agile methodology ensures rapid deployment and iterative feedback-based improvement.

Case Study: Police Now

Discover how we helped Police Now implement a portal that centralised information, ensured secure access to its resources, and facilitated networking and idea sharing.

Benefits of Our Community Portals

24/7 Access

Empower communities with on-demand information and streamlined request handling.

Secure & Personalised

Ensure data protection while delivering a tailored approach to enhance engagement.

Enhanced Partcipation

Encourage community involvement with streamlined access to your events and initiatives.

Data-Driven Insights

Deliver custom notifications on your latest reports and research updates.

Modernising Community Processes

We modernise processes by developing self-service solutions that can include:

Centralised knowledge base

Enable community members to find answers to common questions.

Registration for events

Streamlining each process and reducing administrative overheads.

Application forms

For grants and other funding opportunities, ensuring these applications are accessible, transparent and consistently managed.


To book community services or facilities, reducing wait times and improving resource allocation.

Payment processing

Access payments for community fees or service charges through your portal to streamline financial transactions.

Service requests

Enabling individuals to report issues and check the status of active cases.

Virtual agents

Use intelligent bots that help people easily find information from shared resources using conversational chat.

Course enrolment

Manage enrolment processes and access to e-learning resources for community members.

Online voting

Securely conduct formal voting or polling about community-related matters.

Customer Success Story

“The Portal Company’s truly consultative and can-do approach meant we could work at speed to initiate a genuinely agile environment that evolves with us.”

Tim Loveridge, Chief Operating Officer at the Office of the Data Protection Authority

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Microsoft Technology We Specialise In

Our team use the breadth of the Microsoft Cloud platform to create secure, data-powered portals that modernise processes and delight customers. Our web portal developments include:

Power Pages

Customising adaptable low code templates to accelerate portal deployment while ensuring functionality and design finesse.


Offering vast customisation options for sophisticated portal, ensuring scalability, security, and comprehensive integration.

Power Automate

Optimising workflows across systems by automating responses to portal interactions that increase scale and efficiency.

Dynamics 365

Seamlessly integrating business processes between your portal and Dynamics CRM, including cases, leads, contracts, and more.

Power Apps

Connecting processes managed in other business apps with your portal, such as subscriptions, events, and registrations.

Power BI

Enhancing self-service portals with dynamic, interactive data visualisations that offer insightful analytics.

Web Portal Integrations

Stand out with a self-service portal that seamlessly works with your CRM, finance, and other platforms to streamline operations and enhance experiences. We use Microsoft’s cloud technology to integrate portals with third-party services to connect data and automate processes. These examples include:


Community Portals: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community web portal?

We implement community web portals as digital gateways, enabling direct access to services, information, and engagement opportunities for various stakeholders. These can include individuals, non-profits, charities, and regulatory bodies to enhance efficiency and community interaction.

How do community portals enhance engagement?

We work with organisations to design community portals that boost engagement by providing a platform for access to information, services, and discussions. These self-service portals allow people to interact easily, voice concerns, and contribute to community decisions. Our portals streamline communication and make engagement more accessible for a more connected and actively involved community.

What are the best practices for integrating CRM systems with community portals?

We utilise Microsoft Power Pages and Azure as our primary portal technology solutions, enabling in-built integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps with community portals. This structure ensures a unified data ecosystem through Microsoft Dataverse, featuring real-time data updates, connected processes, and personalised experiences, with all interactions connected.

What types of processes can be managed in a community web portal?

Our team develops portals that manage any type of repeatable process to extend self-service capabilities. Processes that can connect with other data sources include applications, registrations, bookings, knowledge searches, and service requests.

What security features are essential for protecting data in a community portal?

Microsoft’s robust encryption and advanced security protocols fortify our web portals. Stringent security measures protect every transaction and data exchange, ensuring your information remains secure and confidential. Download a white paper to learn how Microsoft Power Pages offer enterprise-grade security and capabilities to protect websites.

How do portals minimise admin tasks for government and regulatory organisations?

Self-service portals can significantly simplify administrative action for these organisations. For instance, in the case of the Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA), an integrated web portal reduced registration times for its stakeholders to under 5 minutes. The portal also increased its capacity to handle thousands of transactions concurrently without performance loss. Through automation and integration with Dynamics 365, the ODPA enhanced productivity and could manage its data with greater efficiency and security. Read our case study to learn more.

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