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Power Apps portals version 9.4.10.x Release Notes

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Power Apps portals version 9.4.10.x Release Notes

Power Apps portals version 9.4.9.x is now available. This article describes the bug fixes and updates that are included in 9.4.9.x .

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues that are resolved/updated in this update.


  • Screen reader provides the uploaded information after uploading any image in the Edit pop-up.
  • Screen reader announce properly when tab focus is on the file type field on the form.
  • Talkback announce the ‘Required’ information for the ‘Message’ edit field under contact offline page.
  • NVDA screen reader announcing only the focused content in the “Add Files” dialog
  • The complete content is clearly visible and accessible in 320×256 view port
  • Focus is visible on “Delete” button on ‘choose file’ dialog when a user use tabl key to navigate.
  • Screen reader announces valid error message on uploading empty file to file control
  • Keyboard focus is visible on ‘Upload image’ and ‘Remove image’ controls present in “Upload your profile image” window during high contrast Aquatic/Desert themes.
  • An instruction is provided to identify “Name” edit field as required in “New Folder” dialog.
  • Screen reader announces as content edit box required when user navigates using tab key.
  • Address 1′ group get expanded on pressing enter key on it for keyboard users to edit/enter address details.


  • Displaying default label for Apply button when filter is enabled on list control
  • Optimized sharepoint integration performance with portals.
  • Primary navigation label with larger length is not displayed properly on the website
  • “Remove Value” button on the lookup dialog is functional based on the selection of records in the list
  • Keyboard user is getting error message on pressing “Select” button on lookup dialog without selecting any records
  • Login redirection is honoring the query parameter
  • Included 45 minutes value in the duration drop down control on the form
  • An instruction is provided to identify “Name” edit field as required in “New Folder” dialog.
  • When user add space charecter at the end of a line and press enter (new line), the HTML script is visibile on Community Portal Forum thread Posts
  • Improper tooltip issue fixed for Address composite control read only state

New Features

  • Dataset Control support for Code Components (PCF control) will be added after the GA of 9.4.9.x release.

Library Upgrades

  • underscore.js library version is upgraded to V1.13.4
  • JQuery UI library version is upgraded to V1.13.1

This release also contains performance updates, security fixes, and improves overall reliability of Power Apps portals.

October 26, 2022
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